Financial Assistance Grants

Each year Barry Town Council provides financial support to organisations in the Town. Section 24 of the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021 gives “qualifying local authorities” a general power of competence (the “general power”). The general power gives these authorities the power to do anything that an individual can do, provided they act rationally and within the law.

In the last ten years, the Council has provided over £500,000 in grants.

Qualifying local authorities are specified in the 2021 Act as principal councils and ‘eligible community councils’ with the aim of bringing about more effective, capable and innovative local government. The general power will allow eligible community councils to act in their communities’ best interests, generate efficiencies and secure value for money outcomes.

Barry Town Council offers a number of grants available for either community organisations or local businesses to apply to (subject to meeting certain Terms and Conditions), in order to support the Council meeting its 7 Wellbeing Goals for Barry and to improve our Town and Community.

The Grants budget is set every April for the financial year. Grants applications will be considered at the next meeting of the Finance, Policy and General Purposes Committee or at a meeting set by the Council, after the current round closes and sometimes on a rolling basis.

Our website and social media platforms will be updated to advise when the specific grant programmes are open.

Applicants must specify which grant programme they are submitting their application under in order for it to be considered appropriately. We have developed a universal grant application form for consistency and ease of use, where you can identify the Funding Stream you are applying for.

The following Grants are available each year totalling £55,000;

Community / Voluntary Organisations (£15,000)
Green Grants (£4,000)
Small Business Grants (£3,000)
Vibrant Culture Grants (£20,000)
Christmas Lunches (£3,000)
Books for Schools (£10,000)

The application opening rounds are as follows;

16 May – 7 June 2024

1 November – 31 December 2024

Completed application forms can be returned to:

Barry Town Council, Town Hall, King Square, Holton Road, Barry. CF63 4RW