Placement of Ashes

When a loved one is cremated, there are many alternatives available for the storage or placement of the ashes. Some families opt to keep them at home, some scatter them, and others look into the interment of ashes. Agreeing the final resting place for the cremated remains is a very personal choice and there is no ‘right’ time to make arrangements.

We have a range of options for the interment or scattering of cremated remains.  We understand that it is important decision for you to make and are happy to discuss these with you.  Arrangements can be made directly with Barry Town Council or through the services of a funeral director.

If you would like to visit the cemetery in order to help you make your decision, please contact us to arrange an appointment with a member of the Cemetery Team.

Please note we do not allow the scattering of cremated remains over burial plots.  It is a legal obligation to register all interments that take place within our grounds.

Cremated Remains Burial Plot

We have specific areas within both Cemeteries where you can purchase a private grave for the burial of Cremated Remains.  A headstone may be erected (subject to an application from a BRAMM registered Memorial Mason) and each grave can accommodate up to six urns or caskets.  For more information on grave ownership click here

Burial in an Existing Plot

It is possible to inter cremated remains in an existing burial plot (Subject to the grave owner’s permission).  Each plot can accommodate six caskets or urns after the capacity for full burial has been reached.

Garden of Remembrance (Merthyr Dyfan Cemetery only)

Our Garden of Remembrance is a peaceful area where family and friends can spend time reflecting on the memory of their loved ones.  Cremated remains are interred in the lawn of the Garden in a biodegradable urn or casket. Whilst it is not possible to mark the plot with a permanent memorial there are kerb and planter plaques available should you wish. Visit our Memorials page.

Babies Garden of Remembrance (Merthyr Dyfan Cemetery only)

We have a dedicated Babies Garden of Remembrance designed to provide an area of peace and tranquillity for you to reflect and remember.  There is no charge for interment in the Babies Garden of Remembrance.

Scatter Garden (Merthyr Dyfan Cemetery only)

A Scatter Garden is an area with the express purpose of having ashes scattered upon it, providing a tranquil but unmarked final resting place.  Our Scatter Garden is a raised heart shaped gravelled area surrounded by flower beds planted with seasonal bulbs and wildflowers.

Sanctum Panorama Columbaria (Merthyr Dyfan Cemetery only)

This is a new addition to the cemetery and offers an alternative place for cremated remains.  It is situated in the new extension area of the cemetery where extensive landscaping is planned for 2018/19.  The Sanctum Columbaria contains a number of niches which are available to lease in twenty-year periods for as long as required. Each niche can hold up to two caskets.  The niche is fronted with a memorial plaque which can be engraved with your own personalised inscription and a motif if required.

How to make arrangements

The first step is to contact the office to discuss the options available.  When you have made your decision on how you wish to proceed an interment form will need to be completed.  We can either send this in the post to you or it can be completed with a member of staff at the Barry Town Council offices.  We will then book a date and time in the diary. Appointments are available on Monday – Thursday from 9.00 – 2.45 and 9.00 – 2.00 on Fridays.  The fee will also need to be paid at this time.

We have a copy of the Natural Death Handbook available at the Barry Town Council Offices which is a guide covering the practical, emotional and spiritual aspects of death and dying.

What happens on the day?

On the day of the interment the Cemetery Supervisor will meet you at the chapel which is situated directly in front of the Cemetery gates.  The chapel can be unlocked for you and you are very welcome to gather inside, this can be especially helpful if the weather is cold or wet. At Porthkerry Cemetery you will be met at the Cemetery gates.

Please ensure the cremated remains are in a biodegradable container – either wood or cardboard is ideal.

You must also bring with you the cremation certificate.  This is a form which is issued by the crematorium and should be given to you when you collect the cremated remains.  Please note it is not possible for us to carry out the interment without this document so it is essential you have it with you.

Procedure for interment of ashes

The Cemetery Supervisor will escort you to the plot which will be prepared.  If any of your party need to drive to the plot please let the Cemetery Supervisor know and he will direct you.

Give thought to suitable footwear when attending in winter/wet weather as the ground can be slippery.

The interment will then proceed according to your preferences, should you wish to speak, say a prayer or reading or simply lay the ashes to rest.  When you are ready the Cemetery Supervisor will lay the casket in the ground. If you wish to do this yourself, you may need to kneel on the ground so it is important to be mindful of ground and weather conditions.

Immediately after the mourners have departed the graveside, the plot will be entirely backfilled and made tidy.

Procedure for Scatter Garden

The Cemetery Supervisor will take the casket from you and transfer the ashes to a scatterer which is a specialist device used by cemeteries and crematoria for the scattering of ashes

You will then be escorted to the Scatter Garden.  If you prefer to drive there, please let the Cemetery Supervisor know and he will direct you.  Give thought to suitable footwear when attending in winter/wet weather, as the ground can be slippery.

Proceedings will then go ahead according to your preference, should you wish to speak, say a prayer or reading or simply lay the ashes to rest.  When you are ready the Cemetery Supervisor will scatter the ashes for you. Should you wish to do this yourself please let him know.