Your Council

"Bringing Together Communities"

The Council’s values are:

People, Pride & Place

This means that every day we will go further to make a difference to the lives of people in Barry. We will treat colleagues, partners, customers and residents with the respect they deserve and believe only our best is good enough. We are proud of the role we play in making Barry a success. We will accept the responsibility invested in us and rise to meet the challenges we need to overcome. We will celebrate all things Barry and strive to make our streets, communities and town even greater places to live, work and visit.

What we do

  • We manage the office of the Town Mayor, Civic events and Mayoral activities
  • We manage and maintain Cemeteries in the town, creating relaxing and peaceful environments for your loved ones
  • We run community facilities, such as Pioneer Hall and The Cemetery Approach Community Centre which the public can book for birthday parties at accessible prices
  • We have revitalised the entire landscape alongside Cemetery Approach Community Centre, creating new green space in partnership with the local authority.
  • We deliver community events, such as the Santa Fun Run, Festival of Light and Fun Days
  • We fund Christmas lights and planters / flowers in the town
  • We give our views to the local authority on all Barry Planning Applications
  • We provide grants to small businesses and community groups to enable them to grow and develop and to deliver projects in Barry
  • We listen to the views of young people have set up a new Youth Council
  • We appoint representatives onto Primary School Governing bodies to ensure that local people are involved in local decision making
  • We provide a litter picking loan service
  • We represent the voices of communities on a number of partnerships
  • We help to regenerate the town
  • We maintain the town’s Fairtrade Status
  • We talk to people and listen to their views about what they want to see in the town

Barry Town Council is committed in the delivery of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. All statutory bodies must evidence how they are working towards the well-being of future generations.

The Well-being Goals for Barry (as detailed in Barry Town Council’s Corporate Plan) are;

A More Prosperous Barry – We want to make Barry a thriving town where people want to live, work and learn. We promote local businesses and independent shops through our Shop Local campaign, trying to keep money circulating in the Barry economy. We also help schools by providing books for schools which are not part of the curriculum. We make sure our staff and councillors receive training to fulfil their roles and we have appointed a number of trainee posts to build the skills of local people. 

A Resilient Barry – This is all about enhancing the environment in Barry. We want people to not only be able to access the outdoors, but to manage waste effectively and help support nature. We have planted wildflowers and introduced bees at the Cemetery to increase biodiversity. We have created more useable green space in the town and encourage litter picking and recycling by loaning equipment. We want to support keeping Barry tidy, for people who live here, work here and visit here.

A Healthier BarryWe are a Dementia Friendly organisation and recognise the importance of promoting physical and mental health and wellbeing. We commit to work in partnership with those delivering local services to help to promote these important messages. We want to reduce the isolation and loneliness of people in Barry through our community events, mayoral visits, coffee mornings and charity activities. We care about the wellbeing of all people in Barry and how we can help to promote this. We are working towards White Ribbon status and champion ending violence against women.

A More Equal Barry – We think that our town is and should be inclusive. We already engage with a diverse range of people from a number of backgrounds and community groups, but we need to do more to ensure that we listen to all views from all communities. We want to ensure that young people in Barry have equality of opportunity, so we have set up a new Barry Youth Council to listen to young people’s views. We ensure that all our staff and councillors can access Equality and Diversity training to make sure we can be as inclusive as possible.

A Barry of Cohesive CommunitiesOften, people in Barry say it is the people that are the glue that holds our communities together; the different faces and personalities of Barry which help to give it an identity of a warm and connected community. There are areas of Barry which need more networks and connections and we want to help to engage all people across the town. We also want to safeguard and enhance community facilities to ensure that people can access the services and facilities they need in the town.

A Barry of Vibrant Culture and Thriving Welsh Language – We have a rich history and culture in Barry and we want to protect this and tell others about our heritage. We are partners to the Barry: Making Waves project with the local authority to try and create a stronger sense of place and capture our heritage and story. We want to enhance community participation in the arts, culture and history of the town and we are looking to explore a museum for Barry in the future. We promote the Welsh Language and have offered taster Welsh lessons for all our staff and Councillors.

A Globally Responsible Barry- It may seem hard to believe, but we know that what we do in Barry will have an impact somewhere else in the world and we want to make sure we contribute to global wellbeing. We want to try and buy from local supply chains where possible and practical and to look at our contract management to ensure value for money. We also work with local people, businesses and community groups to enhance social wellbeing and help people to feel included as part of the town and to recognise the town’s place and impact in the wider world. We manage and promote the town’s Fairtrade status and our plastic free campaign and shop local campaign also helps to consider sustainability.

Coat of Arms

The grant of Armorial Bearings (Cost of Arms) to a local authority is a Royal Privilege.  A local authority cannot authorise other persons or bodies to use their Armorial Bearings granted by the Crown as this would strictly be a usurpation of Royal Privilege to grant arms.

The Arms denote the corporate body; it would not be appropriate therefore for anybody who is not part of the municipality to display the Arms. Naturally, it can be displayed in the context of the history of the town; it should not be used, however, by voluntary or community groups that are not part of the municipal authority, except in circumstances where it is used to indicate the Council’s support of a project or as a sponsor and explicit permission in writing is given in this context

Its use must indicate council support and endorsement, as the Arms denote the council only. On the above occasions, where permission is granted, the Arms must be used:

  • In its true and original form, without any changes;
  • In its full form with correct colours;
  • At a suitable size to make its use meaningful;
  • For purposes of local history and/or heraldry;
  • when its use enhances the reputation of the council.

When permission has been granted, the users should provide evidence that it will not be misused.

A local authority (or any other person) to whom Armorial Bearings have been granted by the King of Arms may, however, present a petition to the Court of Chivalry asking for reparation.  If satisfied the Court will then “inhibit and strictly enjoin” the defendant not to presume to display the plaintiffs arms.