Section 67 of the Local Government & Elections (Wales) 2021 Act – Barry Town Council Training Plan

Barry Town Council’s training plan has been prepared in accordance with Section 67 of the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021 and based on the guidance issued by One Voice Wales and the Society of Local Councils.

Councillor roles and employee roles have been assessed by reference to a set of core competencies for each role.

This assessment has enabled the Council to prioritise its resources to enable all roles within the council to be supported by a well thought approach to its training and development needs.

The commitment contained in the training plan will assist the council to enhance its approach to the delivery of high-quality services to its community.

The plan will be reviewed at least on an annual basis to ensure that it remains fit for purpose and accounts for the changing needs of councillors and employees as well as any turnover of councillors or employees.

Barry Town Council - Training Plan