Mindfulness Garden at Cemetery Approach

Mindfulness Garden at Cemetery Approach

Barry Town Council are pleased to announce the recently renovated space, at the end of Cemetery Approach, is now open for the whole community to enjoy.
Working alongside Vale of Glamorgan Council to fund the project through the Strong Communities Grants, Barry Town Council has redeveloped land that once was an air raid shelter, into a beautiful and welcoming Mindfulness Garden.

The Town Council consulted with residents and the Vale of Glamorgan Council regarding potential uses for the land and determined the following proposal based on this engagement;
• That the space be transformed into a Mindfulness Garden and used as a space to remember all those affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, a space for those who have lost loved ones and have not been able to grieve properly or attend funerals. Based on the area, this was the most fitting idea we received through consultation.
• There was a strong consensus from the community that the site should pay tribute to its original use of an Air Raid Shelter, so it is also proposed that information boards will be placed on site to provide visitors with historical information.

The Mindfulness Garden works started in April 2023, taking a total of 2 months to complete with works being carried out by local company “Green Acres Landscaping” and Project Managed by Amanda Evans of Barry Town Council. The garden features benches for quiet reflection, a pergola with climbing plants to help with noise from traffic, planters and information boards that will give insights into the history of the air raid shelter, with poppies planted nearby also.

Leader of Barry Town Council, Cllr Brooks said: “ I am delighted that we are now able to open the Mindfulness Garden to the public, following all the hard work to get this beautiful area created and open for all to enjoy. Barry Town Council are pleased to once again work in partnership with Vale of Glamorgan Council and would like to thank them for the opportunity to receive funding from the Strong Communities Grant. This is another example of Barry Town Council supporting the heart of our community organisations and the residents of Barry and I hope everyone can take care of this area to allow everyone to enjoy the new Mindfulness Garden.“

An official opening of the Mindfulness Garden was planned for Wednesday 12 July at 11am, with the Mayor of Barry attending the event to cut the ribbon.
The Mayor of Barry, Cllr Ian Johnson, said “I’m very pleased to be here today to open the garden that’s on the site of the former air raid shelter that was built as part of the effort of World War II, the purpose of this is to be a place that can be as tranquil as possible and reflect upon those that they’ve lost, which is particularly relevant in the context of a post-COVID pandemic society. It’s great to develop this space that sadly had to be taken down but can now be of use to the community now and in the future.”

The Mindfulness Garden is a great space for the whole community to sit and reflect, remembering loved ones and admiring the beautiful space created for a moment’s reflection. The gardens add to the collection of landscaping along Cemetery Approach, which is currently maintained by Barry Town Council.