Memorial Headstone Safety

Memorial Headstone Safety

Barry Town Council, in accordance with health and safety legislation, is undertaking an ongoing inspection programme to check the condition of memorial headstones within its cemeteries.  Any found to be unsafe and likely to cause serious injury may be laid flat or “lowered down” into the excavated area at the head of the grave in front of the memorial base (this will enable some or all of the inscription to remain visible).

Alternatively the memorial may be “staked and banded” by the Council Memorial Inspector.  The stakes and bands are attached to the memorials to ensure that the danger of the memorial in question falling and cause damage or harm to staff and visitors to the cemetery is reduced.  As this is part of a programme introduced by government legislation it is an offence for the bands to be removed by any one other than the Memorial Inspector or a Memorial Mason engaged to carry out repairs to the said memorial on behalf of the family.

A memorial is the responsibility of the grave owner.  Any memorials erected since November 2001 should not be affected as long as they were installed to the NAMM & BRAMM standards.  The programme has been devised to ensure that the memorials that pose the greatest risk are dealt with first.


If you have any concerns about the testing or want information about how to make your memorial safe please contact the Cemetery Office during normal working hours on 01446 738663, email or write to:

Barry Town Council, Town Hall, King Square, Barry, CF63 4RW

Please find below a list of memorials that have been inspected in the most recent round of inspections In Merthyr Dyfan Cemetery.  Should you be a relative or know someone related to those interred in any of the following graves please contact us on the above telephone number or at the address given:



RC82 Doris Smith RC148 Smith RC152a Trowbridge RC1224 Scammel RC152d Martell
RC163d Fowler Q230 Kissanis Q228 Shorfstein H726 Ware H642 Horsey
H594 Manning H103 Richards H747 Moore H740 Munro H446 Burbridge
H288 Chick H103 Richards H874a Thomas H180 Davies H414 Petterson
K625 Glemett K621 Williams K720 Nicholas K806 Leach K792 Woods
K815 Amelia P48 Hayward P53 Collice P76 Balkwill P86 Baldwing
P95 Jenkins P96 Thomson P125 Doble P127 Thomas P142 James
P191b Stone P183 James P204 Angeliki P208 Holford P211b Mathias
P211a Stokes P230 Mote P271 Thomas P241b Granville P245 Davies
P279 Can P285 Mathews P231 Edwards P261 Motton P363 Pearcde
P365 Werhle P367 Rowlands P368/9 James P377 Pitman P400 Podmore
P410 Ellison P422 Morris P455 Rodliff P456 Monaton P482 Gay
P484 Gay P487 Slade P510a Francis