Barry Town Council provides funding for Christmas Lunches

Barry Town Council provides funding for Christmas Lunches.

Barry Town Council has offered grant funding to community organisations that provide services and activities for pensioners, such as Christmas lunches – allowing the older residents of Barry to enjoy a Festive meal this Christmas.

Each year Barry Town Council provides financial support to organisations in the Town. In the last ten years, the Council has provided over £500,000 in grants.

The Christmas lunches grant is opened in early November, with a designated amount of £5.00 per person able to be claimed. Residents of Barry who are members of voluntary organisations that provide Christmas lunches were able to apply.

In total, 10 community groups or voluntary organisations were awarded grant funding which amounted to £2,700.

Leader of Barry Town Council, Cllr Bronwen Brooks said “I am delighted that Barry Town Council has been able to offer grants to voluntary community organisations to help provide Christmas lunches to older Barry residents. This grant helps to provide those who may not have been able to celebrate, with a meal and a great social environment before Christmas – something we are very proud to be able to support. Merry Christmas Everyone and once again, thank you all for your service to the community.”