Draft 2024/25 Budget Consultation

Have your say on Barry Town Council’s 2024/25 budget proposals.

On 12 February 2024, Barry Town Council will meet to agree its budget for 2024/25. The budget consultation is being launched so that residents, businesses and the community of Barry can express their views and opinions on the budget proposals for 2024/25, including the proposed Council Tax precept increase.

In 2023/24, Barry Town Council will spend £1,505,969 on services – this is the gross expenditure budget. Next Year, the Town Council projects that the expenditure will be £1,705,337. The income from fees and charges will be £216,163. This means that Barry Town Council requires £1,284,202 to fully deliver its services, after using £204,972 from reserves.

Therefore, the draft budget proposes an increase of 2%. What this means to a “Band D” Council Tax payer is a total cost of £61.40 per year or £1.18 per week.

The full set of draft budget proposals are available to view as part of the agenda of Full Council (held on Monday 11 December 2023) and can be found by visiting https://buff.ly/3Rqlq9g

Barry Town Council welcomes everyone to have their say on the budget proposals, including the Council Tax precept for 2024/25, by visiting https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TKG967L between 22/12/23 & 19/01/24.

The closing date for the consultation will be Friday 19 January 2024.