Community Engagement

What is Community Engagement anyway?

Community engagement is all about empowering local people to express their views and opinions regarding matters that affect them and their community. It enables individuals, voluntary & community organisations and public bodies to come together to discuss a common objective and action a way forward.

Barry Town Council’s Community Engagement Strategy

Barry Town Council has adopted the following objectives to engagement and embark on key actions to ensure they are met throughout the community. The aim of the objectives are to improve the communities awareness of the Town Council, improve engagement methods and to ensure results from engagement are reviewed and acted upon where necessary.

The 4 main objectives of the strategy are;

  • To ensure the Town Council is visible to its community and that citizens have the opportunity to engage with the Town Council face to face at least once a year in their own ward.
  • To explore innovative ways in which residents, businesses and community groups can engage with the Town Council to influence and participate in the Council decision-making process.
  • To ensure data is reviewed in a meaningful way to influence the decision-making process.
  • To improve the awareness of the Town Council, its services, elected members and staff.

To view the full Community Engagement Strategy, click the button below to download.

Community Engagement Strategy