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This area of the website will give you information on how to conduct a search of the burial records, and provide you with cemetery layouts.

Burial Searches

To conduct a search of the burial records for both Merthyr Dyfan and Porthkerry Cemetery click here – Search for a grave

Grave section layouts

If you are looking for a specific plot the maps in this section will assist you.  First identify the location of the section on the cemetery map here – 

Merthyr Dyfan Cemetery Maps – 2019

Porthkerry Cemetery Map 

Next find the exact location of the plot on the section layout maps here – 

Section maps

Section A

 Section H 

Sections A, EE 

Sections AA, Y, Z 

Sections B, C, E, F 

Sections BB, CC, DD, EE, FF 

Sections BB, RC, A-K, N-K, B, C 

Sections D, G 

Sections GG, HH, JJ, KK 

Sections H, I 

Sections J, M 

Sections N 456 – 1167, O 

Sections N-K,B,C,E,F,H,I 

Sections Q, T, W, X 

Sections R & P 

Sections R, S

If you require any assistance locating the plot please speak to a member of the cemetery team who will be happy to assist you.