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Nominations Open for Freedom of the Town

Published on 24 February 2016  | Download | Back to previous

Over the past year Barry Town Council have awarded two Barry Citizens the Freedom of the Town for their outstanding achievements in their chosen sports.

The Freedom of the Town is a significant honour, demonstrating trust, loyalty and a sense of community between a town and an individual and represents the highest honour a Town can bestow on an individual.

Barry Town Council would like to recognise more citizens for their achievements or contributions to their local community and would ask if you know someone who you think deserves this honour, to nominate them. Nominations should be in writing and sent to the Acting Town Clerk, Barry Town Council, 7 Gladstone Road, Barry, CF62 8NA. The nomination should give details of why you think the person you are nominating deserves the award, i.e. what have they achieved, what contribution have they made to their community either on a personal level or through their chosen career.

All nominations will then be considered by Council and should they deem the nominee worthy of the Freedom of the Town, they will be notified accordingly. There is no deadline for nominations, as the Council would consider all nominations received throughout the year and may award the Freedom more than once in a Municipal Year.
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