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Peaceful Protest at Sainsbury's

Published on 30 October 2017  | Download | back to previous

Peaceful Protest at Sainsbury's Barry

Barry Town Council’s Fairtrade committee this week participated in a nationwide Day of Action against Sainsbury’s decision to replace official Fairtrade products with their own brand.

After submitting a formal letter of complaint to the manager of the Park Crescent store, Town Councillors held a peaceful protest outside, with the following slogans ‘Ditching Fairtrade is not my cup of tea’ and ‘Troi cefn ar Fasnach Deg: Blas Cas yn Fy Nheg’ (Turning your back on Fair Trade leaves a sour taste in my mouth), they were joined by members of Dinas Powys Fairtrade.

Barry Fairtrade Committee Chair, Councillor Ian Johnson, said:

“Fair Trade is an internationally recognised movement that pays fair wages to farmers and others in developing countries for coffee, tea and other Fair Trade products. This means that farmers have the power to make their own decisions.

Sainsbury’s decision to launch their own brand of supposedly Fair Trade products in which they control the market is the very opposite of the Fair Trade ethos. Like Fairtrade groups up and down the country, we call on them to reverse their decision and re-join the Fair Trade Movement.”

The Mayor of Barry, Councillor Nic Hodges, will be hosting a Fairtrade Gold photographic exhibition at the Barry Town Council Chamber (7, Gladstone Road, Barry) between 6pm and 8pm on Thursday, 2nd November with a Fairtrade wine reception and chocolate samples from “Divine Chocolates”. All members of the public are welcome to attend.

If Sainsbury's decision to ditch the Fairtrade mark is #notyourcupoftea also then please follow the link and sign the petition:

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