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Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan sets out how the Council will achieve its vision for Barry Town 'bringing together communities'. Our vision will help guide us in how we plan, deliver and review services.
The corporate plan also shows how we contribute to the Well-being Goals for Wales, introduced by the Well Being of Future Generations Act 2015. The introduction of the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 has seen the Council adopt the 7 Wellbeing Goals for Barry:

  • A prosperous Barry
  • A resilient Barry
  • A healthier Barry
  • A more equal Barry
  • A Barry of cohesive communities
  • A Barry of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language
  • A globally responsible Barry

The plan details the activities the Council will undertake to ensure the best possible outlook for our citizens and communities and how we will work with partners and the local community to deliver these outcomes.
Delivering the plan is underpinned by our Council's values which are people, pride, and place. These values describe our professional behaviours in how we approach our work, deal with each other and our service users.

In delivering these objectives we will contribute to the national well-being goals and ensure that the needs of people of all ages and future generations are at the forefront of service delivery.

Many of the activities included in the Corporate Plan will be delivered over a number of years and the plan provides a framework for service plans which set out year on year the activities that will be undertaken to achieve these objectives. Monitoring of the actions will provide the foundations for an annual progress report on the Corporate Plan which will detail the outcomes achieved.

Barry Town Council Corporate Plan 2017-2022

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